Experience a unique culinary journey at the Japanese restaurant Waby in Milan, which offers a wide selection of high-quality sushi, sashimi, robata, and sake.

Menu à la carte


Continuously evolving culinary creations.

Special Uni

In Galician Sea Urchins with Tuna Belly and Negi.

Trilogia di ostriche

Trilogy of Gillardeau oysters, ikura, Kaluga Amur caviar in tempura batter, and red prawn with shiso.

Negi Toro

Tuna belly on nori seaweed cracker, egg cream, tobiko and Kaluga caviar

Nori Crisps

Tempura nori seaweed, tuna, yellowtail, togarashi, and sesame dressing.

Hotate Iberico

Millefeuille of scallops, Iberico ham, jalapeno coriander, yuzu miso sauce with coriander dressing.

Crispy Rice

Crispy rice, avocado cream, spicy salmon and tuna tartare.

Somen di tonno

Raw tuna tagliatelle, ikura, yuzu powder, and dashi.

Sake Karashi

Seared salmon sashimi, steamed asparagus, salmon roe, and Karashi sumiso sauce.


STARTERS - Small tastes to start

Scampo passion fruit

Scampi from Mazara del Vallo with passion fruit sauce.

Samurai stick 4 pz.

Shrimp sticks with edamame wrapped in crispy pastry and spicy sauce.

Kaiso Salad

Mixed seaweed salad with mesclun and sesame dressing

Sashimi Salad

Sashimi served with seasonal greens and sesame dressing.

Black cod rolls

Alaskan black cod wrapped in phyllo pastry with wasabi mayonnaise.

Ebi Fry

Argentinian prawn in crispy kataifi pastry and spicy mayo


Soybean pods

Carpacci, Tartare

Thinly sliced raw or seared fish - Finely chopped raw fish cut with a knife

Waby Aburi

Salmon carpaccio, yellowtail, and scallop with ikura, seared with sesame oil and yuzu soy sauce

Amaebi Aburi

Carpaccio of red prawns from Mazara del Vallo seared with sesame oil and yuzu-soy sauce.

Carpaccio misto

Sea bass, tuna, and salmon with their condiments

Hamachi Miso

Yellowtail diced with Camone tomato, yuzu miso sauce, and avocado


Nigiri – Gunkan – Uramaki

Nigiri selection Special

Nigiri selection Special

Nigiri selection

5 Nigiri selection

Gunkan Selection

5 Gunkan Selection

Uramaki maki roll

Raw fish and rice

Uramaki Oshizushi

Spicy salmon, salmon eggs, and teriyaki sauce

Uramaki Maguro Avocado

Tuna, avocado, and sesame.

Uramaki Passion

White fish tartare, avocado, scallop carpaccio, red prawn, coriander oil

Uramaki Hotate Jalapeno

Scallop tartare with crispy tempura, truffle mayonnaise, and jalapeno dressing

Uramaki Ebiten Sakè

Tempura shrimp, seared salmon roll, olive oil, chives, ginger

Uramaki Dragon

Glazed eel, avocado, sesame and eel sauce

Uramaki King Crab California

King crab, avocado, cucumbers, mayonnaise, and sesame seeds.

Uramaki Spicy salmon

Salmon, sesame, spicy mayo sauce, negi

Uramaki Ebiten

Tuna, avocado, and sesame.

Uramaki Hotate Tempura

Tempura shrimp, avocado, crispy battered scallop, and spicy mayo

Uramaki Ebi Flower

Tempura shrimp, spicy salmon tartare, tempura zucchini flower slices with salmon roe, and teriyaki sauce

Uramaki Soft shell

Soft shell crab tempura, spicy mayo, avocado, outer daikon.

Uramaki Mix Flambè

Tempura prawn, seared mixed fish carpaccio, sesame oil and yuzu soy sauce.

Uramaki Ebi Aburi Special

Raw shrimp carpaccio and Mazara del Vallo red prawn tartare, seared in yuzu-soy sauce.

Uramaki Hamachi jalapeno

Yellowtail, avocado, and jalapeno.

Uramaki Unaghi foie gras

Avocado and cucumber, eel with seared foie gras and unagi sauce.

Uramaki Hotate Hokkaido

Aburi Hokkaido scallop, ikura and avocado

Uramaki Lobster

Seared whole lobster with sesame oil, yuzu soy sauce, avocado, chives, and ginger.

Uramaki Hoseki

Hokkaido scallop, Mazara del Vallo red prawn, Ikura, Galician sea urchin and Kizami Wasabi.

Uramaki Astice gratinato

Tempura shrimp, flame-seared lobster, and spicy mayo tobiko

Uramaki Toro

Tuna, tuna belly tartare, scallop, green onion, Kaluga Amur caviar.

Uramaki Amaebi Flambè

White fish tartare, seared red prawn carpaccio, chives, and ginger.

Uramaki Wagyu

Seared Wagyu beef, asparagus, truffle.

Uramaki Temaki Unaghi

Seaweed nori cracker, eel with kabayaki sauce

dimsum, soup and pasta

A selection of dimsum, soup and pasta


4 pieces of grilled meat ravioli

Composizione dim sum

5 pieces of mixed steamed dumplings.


4 pieces of crystal skin steamed dumplings with shrimp and Xiaoshan bamboo filling


4 pieces of steamed ravioli stuffed with scallop.


4 pieces of vegetable dumplings in crystal pastry with vegetable filling


4 pieces of Wagyu beef and truffle ravioli

Ebi udon

Stir-fried spaghetti, crispy vegetables, shrimp.


Rice with king crab and asparagus tobiko

Yaki Soba

Sauteed buckwheat pasta with crispy vegetables and squid


Fish and vegetables in batter and fried


Large prawn and seasonal vegetables

Scampi tempura

Mazara del Vallo langoustine, amazu ponzu, jalapeno.

Hotate rolls

Scallop nest in phyllo pastry with wasabi mayonnaise.

Ebi Tempura

Tempura-battered shrimp


ROBATA which means "fireplace" specializes in Japanese charcoal cuisine. A tradition first introduced by ancient fishermen who used boxes of burning charcoal to heat food while collecting the catch of the day. 2 pieces of skewered food cooked over charcoal.


Sweet and sour chicken skewers with scallions

Wagyu Jalapeno

Wagyu and Jalapeno with wafu dressing


Scallop, tomato, and kizami wasabi


Asparagus with wafu sauce and sesame


Marinated miso corn

King crab

Royal crab claw with creamy mayo


Glazed salmon with soy sauce and cucumber.


Grilled eel and foie gras

Gin Dara

Charcoal-grilled fatty tuna belly with fresh wasabi

Sumibiyaki toro

Ventresca di tonno scottato sulla carbonella e wasabi fresco

Menù Business Lunch

Discover our bento for a perfect lunch break during the workweek

Hoseki Don

15 pcs. of the freshest treasures of the sea, selected daily, served on a bed of rice, ginger, wasabi premium and soy sauce

Zenbu Don

Tuna and tuna, kizami, wasabi served on a bed of rice, ginger, premium wasabi and soy sauce

Akami Sake Tartare

Tuna and salmon tartare with its toppings, served on a bed of rice, premium wasabi and soy sauce


Eel cooked on charcoal and steamed finish, cucumber zukemono topping, served on a bed of rice

Miso Cod

Alaska black carbonaro marinated in miso wrapped in kataifi, lobster, ikura, served on a bed of rice

Wagyu Don

Wagyu beef seared on charcoal, seasonal vegetables, served on a bed of rice, wasabi kizami and soy sauce